Thursday, 21 August 2008

New York, New York

New York is an overwhelming city, especially in 48 hours.
I liked it; Ken loved it.

As much as the city as a whole is overwhelming, I was a little underwhelmed by Times Square.

And Rockefeller Plaza.
I look upon my photos (er, Ken's photos) fondly, but the pictures are larger than life instead of the other way around. Sorry, but that is my opinion and this is my blog.
Those two notable landmarks aside (I know, I know you all disagree with me. I know!) those two landmarks aside, the rest of NYC ROCKED.
It seems I can't back-pedal enough . . .

As I said, Ken loved the city - he's a big city boy. Ken took two bus tours: one night tour by himself (Jaclyn and I were off to Wicked) and another daytime tour that we all took together. Ken couldn't get enough of the city as a whole or the architectural detail.
Could not. Get. Enough. To the tune of 300 pictures. I'll share a small portion of Ken's new passion (photography or NYC, take your pick).


Kelly said...

Ken got some great photos! Wow.

Your picture of Times Square looks decidedly overwhelming to me. So much going on, it makes me want to flee a bit.

I'm glad you had fun, this looks like an awesome vacation!

Denise said...

Soupman! Is that the "No soup for you" guy? Agh!

I so want to go to NYC. I love the pictures. I can't argue with you on the places you did or did not like, having never been there myself.

Wicked, fantastic! Did you love it? We saw it last year in Chicago, and we're hoping to see it next year in SLC on the tour, if we can get tickets. SO good. Did your daughter love it? We want to take our kids this time.

Amanda L. said...

Beautiful pictures! The first time we went to NYC was before we lived on the east coast and it was overwhelming and I could not get enough of either.

Although we never tok a bus tour - or two bus tours for that matter!

No that we live here I enjoy it for different I don't have to see everything in two days.

Jealous you saw Wicked! I haven't seen it in 2 years. I think I'm due.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I think I'm with you, Barb. I enjoy New York, but don't love, love, love it. And Times Square is not my favorite spot in New York, either.

Did you like your tours? Would you recommend them? We're taking a bunch of people back next spring and I think I probably ought to look into a bus tour for part of it. Any suggestions?

Barb said...

Ken's bus tours were 2 different companies and he thought they were both good. We did mid-town and south. The tour guides are all locals with good stories. Even just being up that little bit higher on the double decker bus gives a different perspective. My only recommendation would be to get on the bus one stop before the official starting point so that you get a good seat.

cheetah said...

He has got to go to DC. He'll love that too. Maybe not as much as NY, but he'll love it.
Jaclyn came too? how fun!

April said...

Gorgeous photos!

Tiffany said...

What an amazing trip--beautiful food and interesting things to see. I certainly understand 300 photos--with a nice digital camera it is so easy to do!

Kelly A. said...

I'm with you, I don't like the touristy places, I can see Planet Hollywood and Toys R Us anywhere.

And I am more with Ken, LOVE New York!

Claudissima said...

there is just no other city like it...always soooo colorful! Oh my, I might just have to take a trip there....

Laurie said...

I love NYC. And I know my husband would not. It's all the little things I love about it that he would not enjoy. But I do know what you mean about Times Square.

Marie said...

I loved Times Square, but I am kinda with you on the Rochefeller Plaza. No big deal there.

Did you go to the M&M store on Times Square? Pure delightful insanity!