Thursday, 21 August 2008

Central Park, our very own walking Wikipedia, the Yankees, and the Empire State Building

It was such a relief to hit Central Park on our second day in New York. I didn't realize how much the city was closing in on me until I got away from it. Central Park is like a miracle in the middle of the city. The trees insulate you from the sounds and sights, you can see the sky. It was rejuvenating.
We walked up the park from midtown until we reached the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The first painting Jaclyn saw she said, "Oh, that's Lavoisier and his wife. He was a scientist and she helped him by translating scientific information into French so that he could read the works of other scientists." And it was. The walk through the park had been more stimulating than I realized: Jaclyn's brain was firing on all cylinders - she had recognized the painting from her science text book last year. It certainly is enjoyable to come across something you know something about; Jaclyn had that fun a couple of times in the Museum. There was an ancient instrument exhibit that covered material Jaclyn studied for her Royal Conservatory history exam last year, and many paintings of Old Testament figures she studied in seminary.
With the museum and all the walking and dinner we were running a little late to get to the Yankees game.

Which was alright because it was rain delayed for an hour and a half, with no rain cover in the bleachers section.
Unless you had seats along the very back row against the wall, and then there was just enough shelter. It was raining hard enough that I thought they were going to call the game. We have a couple of friends that tried to get in a game on their trip to NY in the spring, and their game was rained out, which had me thinking we'd have the same rotten luck. I was happy to be wrong.
The cheering that erupted when the infield was uncovered was incredible. And then the regulars in the bleachers started calling the players as they warmed up. Every player responded with a wave. There was one fan near us that wanted more cheering and chanting from the bleacher section than we were producing. He kept starting chants that didn't catch on (too many tourists, not enough regulars?). "Der-ek Jeter!" or "Jas-on Giam-bi!" The fans weren't even catching on to "Let's-go Yank-ees!" (Not even his buddies were joining in.) Eventually he started to shout out cusses in the same rhythms, and he got a talking to from the guy in front of him, thank goodness. So then he started calling:
"I-am sor-ry!" "So-o sor-ry!"
It's our new way to apologize now for any little thing - a private joke between Ken, Jaclyn and I. Well, not so private. I've blogged about it.
We took the train back to midtown after the game, got off a stop or two before our hotel and headed for the Empire State Building. We walked right through all the roped-off line-mazes which made me think that midnight is just the right time to go up; in prime visiting hours it must take hours to make it to the elevator.
Jaclyn liked sticking her head through the guard wires and looking straight down. I tried it. Once.
It was a cloudy evening, but the view would cloud and clear intermittently, and with a little patience we got the full 360' view around the building. It was a challenge to get night photos of the city from above. I had to turn off the flash and hold the camera very still to compensate for the slow shutter speed.

Otherwise I wound up with this.


Jenny said...

I have heard the city is amazing and overwhelming all at once. I can't even fathom doing it in only 48 hours. So much to see and do! I had to laugh that Ken took a tour by himself at night. I am not too sure you would find me leaning over the edge.

I am WAY impressed by Jaclyn's knowledge from school. How cool is that?

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Barb, I'm so glad you enjoyed Central Park. And I'm glad for Jaclyn's ah-ha moments. How exciting as a parent to see and learn from them, too.

Thanks for the photography lesson at the end, too :)

Anne said...

I am loving your night shots, even the blooper. NYC is one of my favorite places in this world, how fun it is to "visit" through your blog. What a great reminder to me to get my booty back up there SOON!!

Kelly said...

Such great pictures! You got your new camera just in time for this trip.

I love that Jaclyn was your very own Wikipedia. I'm going to have to bring her along if we ever hit the big apple.

cheetah said...

I love all of that but that night picture is AMAZING!

Claudissima said...

how fun...and all the pictures look so amazing. even the last one!

Katie A. said...

(Shoot! I hate falling behind on blog-reading!) I LOVE all of your pictures. They are breath-taking, especially the long-shots of the city lights. And the photo of the trees in Central Park. Mike wants to go to NY soo badly. I could not imagine going for only 48 hours. Glad your game did not get rained out. I still need to post about our local baseball game from last month.

Price Cream Parlor said...

Looks like a fun trip! Did you just love, love, love Wicked?
I think that Central Park would be amazing!
Great photos!

April said...

For the record, I think Jaclyn is a wonder.

Hilary said...

What a smart daughter! Your trip is looking so fun! Great photos...

Laurie said...

I really do love New York. Two things I really regret never doing there are a Yankees game (and time is running out for that stadium...) and the Met. Oh how I need to go back!

Jill said...

You're making me want to go to New York! I'm loving your pictures and reading about all the fun things you did. Hooray for seats way up against the wall!

Marie said...

Yes, Yes, Yes!

Central Park was one of my favourite parts of the whole trip. Beautiful! did you take a ride in a handsome cab?

I loved the Yankee game. I was worried about weather before we went, but it was a lovely evening. Warm, and sunny! Did you buy the Yankee caps there? I wanted one so bad, but just couldn't spend that much on a hat! I was sure you could find them cheaper somewhere, but then I never did. Rats!

I have decided to never again be amazed by Jaclyn, and just take it in stride.

We went to the empire state building in the middle of the afternoon. The rope mazes were full.