Tuesday, 22 July 2008

SPT: Shade

We've had a fairly cool summer, which hasn't had me running for shade very often. Finally yesterday we had a scorcher. Jaclyn wasn't completely impressed that I chose such a hot day to go to Calaway Park, but off we went and we had a good time. At first Jaclyn stuck with Chloe and I while Steven and Carmen ran off together, but then when we met up with the 'middles' we re-grouped and Jaclyn went with Steven and Carmen.

Chloe was thrilled to be in the pink zone - there were plenty of new rides or independent rides for her. She made new friends on every ride and by the end of the afternoon there were a few hugs good-bye to children she'd run into again and again that day.

We all ran for some shade around 5pm and settled down for a bit with our mini-melts (aka dip-n-dots the freeze dried ice cream droplets). I'm not usually a big fan of the mini-melts but for some reason the banana split flavor totally did it for me yesterday, so after I had a taste of Chloe's I bought a bowl of my own (for the first time ever).


The larger camera is a greater balance challenge for a one-armed self portrait.
(Yes, I know I'm a week late on the shade spt, but I've had a lack of material up until yesterday. Kinda like the grass element: my main interaction with grass happens when I'm doing the laundry, which I guess is where I should attempt the grass spt.)


Jenny said...

The color code for height is new for me. It makes it a little more fun and even better she was able to ride. I haven't tried dipping dots either, but my kids love them. Perhaps I too should try!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

It's been a loooong time since I've been to a theme park . . . now that sounds like fun.

Hooray for Chloe and the pink zone. Seven makes a big difference in the world.

Jill said...

Late or not, catching up on SPTs is always welcome. I feel like I'm officially a shade-seeking individual. I have lost my capacity for dealing with the sun.

cheetah (aka rglhm) said...

GOod thing you got CP in this week, otherwise Chloe would have asked and asked. Just like Mille is asking me. Oh well.

michelle said...

When I use my larger camera, I can't even get it far enough away for a shot like that! (damn short arms) And yes, the balance is trickier. Love yours.