Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Good mail a little out of balance this week


My envelope for the Butterfly Project


Thank you card from Lisa

Thank you card from Crystalyn

A flower delivery from my dad:

His personal hobby is gardening, and in the last few years he's started a *grow-op* in his basement with automatic lights and sprinklers. His specialty is geraniums, but he tried a few new things this year, and I think next spring he might even take special orders. Usually the free plants come with free delivery as well as free installation, but not this time. I'm sure he's not ready to do any more work in my back yard this year. When he and my mom watched the kids for the corporate retreat in April my dad dug out all the substandard dirt from my garden, brought in new dirt, and did all of our planting from seed for us. I can definitely handle throwing a few flowers in the ground myself this year. Thanks Dad!

Good mail from Lisa:
A yummy Dagoba chocolate bar - the antioxidants were all mine because Chloe tried a taste and didn't like the dark chocolate. Also she sent these cute chicken note cards and a matching magnet. The sunflower seeds are great - my dad left one spot empty against my fence in the back yard, perfect for sunflowers. The girls will love the flowers, and my boy will like the homegrown spitz!

And I got my first wedding invitation for the wedding of a girl I've served in YW. It was such a pretty invitation, and I tried to take a picture while respecting their privacy (names and all that) but I just couldn't do it! But here's where they're getting married:


Price Cream Parlor said...

Yahoo! So glad that you received my package! I have been a bit concerned about our whacky mail lately - didn't know if it was going to take a month! Hope you enjoy it! We love to make a sunflower "fort" with all the sunflowers in a square with an opening as a door! Enjoy!

Jenny said...

Fun goodies. That temple is beautiful. How exciting.

Kelly said...

Great mail (and personal delivery!). Can you use the smear or smudge tool on the invitation photo? It's my only photoshop skill.

It's going to be a while before I get any wedding invitations from my nursery brood.

Barb said...

I don't have real photoshop, just various free software that's on my computer, and I don't have smudge. Oh well. The invitation was a black and white photo, but the flower in her hair was buttercup yellow, and everything was attached together with a yellow ribbon, and the envelope had a beautiful yellow butterfly stamp. It was gorgeous, but kinda funny to me because she used to be more the preppy girl back in YW, but she seems to have become a little more natural (not quite hippie, but you get the idea).

Mandy said...

fun good mail!

Marie said...

Dad had come over to the new house before we moved in, dug out the dirt in our flower patch, put in good soil, manure, and peet moss and planted my garden, so when we came to move in, I already had cheerful blossoms waiting for me. How cool is that?

Michelle A. said...

That is so wonderful about the wedding. What a blessing and gift you are to her. Goodmail yeah!

Jill said...

What nice good mail, I love to see it. I wish my dad would come over and switch out the dirt in my flower beds. I keep meaning to go out there and do it but something always stops me (teeth, heat, laziness) and meanwhile it's already June! When will I learn?

How cool and weird to have one of your Young Women get married. I've lost touch with the ones I taught years ago, but it was weird to see one go on a mission. It made me feel old even though I was only like 10 years older than her.