Monday, 29 May 2017

Celebrating Carmen's High School Graduation

Well, there's still exams to look forward to, but Carmen's Class of 2017 had their graduation celebration last week.

Blondes vs Brunettes

With the Buds

Hair and makeup in the early afternoon made it a busy day - Carmen's date got to our house 6 minutes before we got home!

The results were worth it

(Inserting a little nostalgia here)

These gorgeous girls again

16 couples rented a party bus to take them from Lake Sundance to The Lookout, to the banquet, to The Peace Bridge (for more photos), to the after grad, and then back to Lake Sundance. By then it was 1am and time for a house party until 5am followed by a sleepover for a couple of friends at our house, then breakfast at Hudson's.

As if they needed more fun, a few of the graduates (and a sister and a younger friend) spent the weekend in Waterton

I'm super proud of Carmen and the work she and her friends have put into their relationships. They've practised tolerance and forgiveness and love and fun over the high school years and they deserved every bit of enjoyment they had celebrating the end of high school. Last graduating class of 90's babies!

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