Saturday, 15 October 2016

Baby Shower and Baby Blessing

Jaclyn's friend, Chelsea, was so thoughtful to host the baby shower for Jaclyn and Zoë on a weekend when we could attend

Everyone needs friends who love to throw parties

We drove in to Provo about 10 minutes late and pulled right up to the shower

We contributed by bringing a couple of games including the guess the chocolate bar (melted in the diaper)

The Olson girls went head to head playing multi-tasking diapering

Jaclyn's former piano teacher sent a piano toy

Saturday morning we went to the wedding for Jaclyn's old friend, Connor Jensen, but we didn't take any pictures! Not at the temple or at the reception that night.

Saturday afternoon Carmen and Chloe visited the Provo City Centre Temple for baptisms

Sunday was the main event where Zoë was given a name and a blessing by these wonderful men

She was blessed in Jaclyn's own blessing dress


and Sisters

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