Saturday, 20 August 2016

Evenings on the school ground

Things really quiet down after 3:30 at Building Hope Academy. We spent time cooking dinner on a gas stove.

Tim, Murani, Naomi, Chloe, Carmen
 The kids played a lot of Uno, Murani's favourite card game.

We washed our laundry by hand. Chloe was an expert because of her time working at Heritage Park.

We had several nights of bonfires, and we would wake up to the fire still smouldering in the middle of the dry grass in the drought season. It seemed questionable to me, but I guess the night guards could keep an eye out for a grass fire.

The school cooks breakfast and lunch for the students and teachers each day. They also washed our personal dishes on school days, so we were spoiled there. We ate a couple of the school lunches which were delicious. They prepared chapati (like tortillas) steamed kale and cabbage, potato, as well as rice and beans.

We got to witness the beginning of the construction of the next classrooms. The rock was delivered very rough, and then hand chiseled into bricks.

The rest of the rock was crushed by sledge hammer to form the foundation

For the first time ever the construction workers had a cement mixer with a generator, which sped things up I suppose. It was crazy to watch the manual labour going into the new building.

Two of the teachers living in the teacher's quarters had children, so we had a good time playing with their kids

Jolene, Darius, and Rita

We slept in walled tents 2 nights when we were on safari, but for Carmen's gold level Duke of Edinburg requirements she needed another night in a tent. Naomi joined her and they kept it up for 2 more nights after that!

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