Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Holly Days

Our Christmas Activity Advent suffered this year with school work, it was so sad.

(We did still manage to fit in the important stuff.)

Like making chocolates.

Chloe put her muscles into beating the fondant for the chocolate centres.

Carmen decided to replicate a photo from about 10 years ago with that smile.

Basketball competed with Christmas activities, but Carmen made it work.

We had a couple of fun family parties in December! The first party was with Ken's side of the family.

Eric kept us entertained with his gift. He opened his present from Chloe and said, "A gun! I love guns!"

He has a talent, for sure. Nerf guns shouldn't be as accurate as he made his seem. It was all fun and games until his dad broke the rules and mom had to confiscate the fun, haha.

Our second party was in Lethbridge where our new little niece lives!

Little Lila

Lila gave her family a scare when she was first born, and we are so glad she is home where she belongs.

Naturally, they are being cautious about exposing Lila to any health exposures, so they stayed home from the party and only the healthiest of us came to her house to visit.

Here's the rest of the Canadian cousins! Our kids wore Calgary Flames jerseys to tease the Oilers fans in the family.

I didn't get nearly enough pictures - I was having too much fun to pick up my phone! 
This is pass the present.

Carter and Monte working the tree-decorating-conveyor-belt.

Grandma and Grandpa went head to head on the Jingle Bells Box game, and even without her hearing aid Grandma won!

Christmas Nut Stacker 

Dirk Won

 Sugar Cookies


One last pre-Christmas Event:

A Christmas Carol at Theatre Calgary

They really changed the play since the last time we went. Some changes were strange and non-traditional, some changes I liked. I did like how Scrooge was the embodiment of Christmas Present after his experience on Christmas Eve. 

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

so fun to catch up with you Barb. Thanks for posting. I love seeing/hearing how you're all doing.