Thursday, 31 December 2015

Ski Trip to Montana

Almost every year we take a trip to Montana to go skiing, but this year was extra exciting because it was our time to get together with Jaclyn and Mason over Christmas break!

Chloe's fancy colouring books helped pass the time on the drive down.

Ken thought stopping at a roadside turnout would be a good idea for lunch. I disagreed, and local dogs roaming in and out of the restaurant solidified my opinion. Oh, Montana.

Then when Ken and I spent the night dealing with what I will only describe as 'food poisoning symptoms' I just knew I was right that it had been a bad idea.

I wiped down the cabin the next day while the kids went skiing (Ken and I were too weak to ski). Ken texted with his family and exonerated the roadside diner because it turns out much of our family we had spent Boxing Day with were also sick, so it wasn't the dubious hygiene of the diner that made us ill. Something got passed around before we left. I still never again want to eat in a diner with wandering animals.

Luckily we felt better fairly quickly!!!

Mason, Barb, Jaclyn

Mason, Ken, Barb, Jaclyn


Chloe, Carmen

Carmen, Ken, Barb




Captions seemed necessary since we were all in masks and goggles. It was cold and beautiful, and we tried to appreciate it just a little bit more for Steven. 
(Maybe I should ask him to appreciate his warm weather and palm trees a little bit more for me.)

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