Sunday, 25 October 2015

Take Your Kid to Work Day

 (Send your kid to someone else's work day)

Chloe is one lucky girl! 

She got to shadow a private chef on Friday as her Take Your Kid to Work experience with one of the loveliest people we know!

Chloe's actual lunch

Susanne cooks for a workplace, making healthy snacks as well as the staff lunch. How much do I wish my office did that???

lunch as it was photographed

Friday was the birthday of one of the staff, so lunch was birthday boy's request of Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict with a side of potato hash and bacon.

Chloe got her picture taken with a billionaire for the second time.

I guess billionaires that hire a full time chef for the office also bring pets to work. What a life! I wish I had my own private chef. . . if only Chloe wasn't at school all day.

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