Friday, 16 October 2015

Larch Valley, Banff

The end of September is prime hiking season for Larch Valley.

Larch trees are coniferous, but turn yellow and shed their needles in the fall. So beautiful!

Carmen had Friday off school so she organized a few friends to go hiking together. They got a misty day in the mountains, which gives a real quality to the pictures. Carmen came home and said she was going to send so many pictures to Steven and he was going to be so jealous. It turns out you can go hiking just for spite.

Because it was Steveoooooo who told us about this hike back in the spring and who was bemoaning the fact that (assuming he returns to BYU) he won't be able to do a fall Larch Valley Hike for at least 5 years.

The next day (Saturday) Ken and I took Chloe and her friends on the same hike. It rained all the way there, but my weather app kept telling me we would have a clear day and we did! 

Chloe's cute friends.

Our Saturday pictures turned out bright and sunny, just like our day!

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