Sunday, 22 March 2015


Chloe and I are best buds. We still have a couple of more years of car time together - though the seats will reverse after her next birthday!

She's been a busy girl with her final year of Science Fair. Chloe placed 2nd in her category at the school science fair and was one of eight out of 110 students to qualify for regionals coming up this week.

Her project this year embodied "working smart" because she tested internet speed and how our home habits influence download speed. So, her testing involved cruising the internet on several devices at a time while she watched a movie on Netflix. The testing was delightful, but the data analysis was a little rough. She earned her way to Chinook Region Science Fair no matter what the above picture seems to say.

 Chloe's passion is not science, however. What she really loves is party planning and she is working on a humdinger of a bridal shower for the fiancĂ© of her cousin Ross coming up soon.

The last Chloe news (for now) is that she made the school badminton team last week! Here she is the morning of the final tryout, cool as a cucumber.

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