Monday, 21 July 2014

Falcons Basketball

The best thing Carmen did this spring was tryout for and make the Falcons Club U15 basketball team:

Her team wrapped it up last week with a team camp in Spokane, WA. Here's what her coach wrote after they got home:

I just wanted to send a brief note today thank you for allowing your daughters to share in what turned out to be a most amazing week of basketball and team.  I don't believe that I have ever seen a group of athletes come closer together and grow further than our girls did last week and for that I am extremely grateful.

My favourite part has to be the fact that our girls decided early on that they were not going to worry about what anyone else at camp was doing a and they were going to make the most of their experience.  The team cheer-can I get a hey ya- and the team effort for each other and against the other team no matter what was truly something it takes some groups years to learn. When we decide that it doesn't mater what others think we can truly be free to achieve. This shows in the skills and attitudes our girls developed last week. There wasn't a girl who doesn't have something new in their game coming home.  

My biggest hope, expressed to them as we returned home yesterday is that the lessons learned last week stay with our gang. Find a passion, work hard, and enjoy what you do. Love your friends and keep them close.Share your knowledge with others,  the next team, the next group of friends, new experiences.  My job will be to make sure that when we come back together that we progress, and build on what we learned this spring.  I will be watching this upcoming year, and helping to remember.  I hope the rest of us help to remind as well.


The truth is that Coach Dave is a masterful girls basketball coach. He is a father to girls, he gets girls, and he puts the kids first, which never compromises the basketball. I hope Carmen gets to wear #5 for years to come.

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