Friday, 23 May 2014

Steven's High School Grad

Steven had a bit of a hard time working up any excitement for grad; he said something to me (more than once) about it not being that big of a deal.

And of course, we expected he would graduate from high school, but that doesn't make it less important.

(Yes, I know. I match. I realized I would before I left the house, but it was what I felt like wearing.)

Steven has been lucky to have many lifelong friends.

I remember this same thing happened at Grade 9 Grad, always one more person to add to the picture.

The requisite portrait. I really need to distribute this to the grandparents.

Future BYU roommate, Triton.

I am relying fully on photos from other parents - I relaxed at home while Steven went out on the gruelling photo shoot.

Friends and dates.

The guys.

Honestly, the food wasn't great, but the company was entertaining. The kids bought tickets at neighbouring tables to their parents rather than mixing the generations - which was probably more fun for everyone.

I got my dance!

Then we left the kids to do their own thing, and I may never have pictures of the after grad party, but I'm sure it was spectacular. I don't think anything could beat the party set-up at the Remington's!


Jill said...

Graduation is a huge milestone and rite of passage so it's great he did it even though he thought it wasn't a big deal.

Marie said...

So many thoughts on this. I can totally understand Steven's underwhelming feeling before grad. I felt much the same way. Of course I was finishing high school. I was on my way to university, ie MORE school, so what are we celebrating the end of, exactly?

Next: Somehow Steven's growing up snuck up on me, and oddly, is making me choke up a bit. I love how in the picture of him and triton, I can see the face of 'Buddy' behind his big, grown-up smile.

I've seen a few of these pictures via facebook this week. One that I saw there that is not on your blog is of the couples at the photo shoot. There was one where all the boys were giving a kiss to their dates on their cheeks. Steven was doing it, but didn't look thrilled about it, and that made me giggle right out loud.

And finally, just wanted to tell you how BEAUTIFUL you look both in the trees with Ken and Steve, and at the dance. I'm sure Steven was proud to have you on his arm.