Wednesday, 5 February 2014


I learned an important lesson from my parents when I was growing up about taking advantage of good weather on holidays. Even though the forecast was for beautiful weather all week, Ken and I jumped on the priority of taking surf lessons on the first day we could (Monday). As it turned out, on Tuesday Maui was hit with a North Swell (I still have no idea of what that really means) and the ocean was relatively rough and churned up for the rest of our trip to the point that rental places weren't renting out surf boards or paddle boards later in the week. At least not to beginners.

We took lessons out of Goofy Foot Surfing School. The truth is, this was Ken's idea, and mostly I wanted to get it over with. In fact, once we were in the water I had to seriously work to keep my anxiety (bordering on anger for being in the situation at all) in check. Fear is a strange thing. I like to think I hid it well.

It turned out the hardest part for me was paddling back out again against the surf. As Ken has pointed out, there is a reason surfers have big shoulders.

Ken absolutely loved it. He loved the ocean in Maui with a passion, and if it had been available I think he would have done more surfing. 

I probably would have joined him.

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