Thursday, 16 January 2014

I forgot to blog about Christmas Eve

And we had so much fun, how could I have not blogged about it?

We love to host Christmas Eve at our house, and we've done it for years. I like to include a formal game of some kind. In the past we've played pass-the-present, board games, minute-to-win-it, and we've had a few talent shows. This year we played Family Feud.

Our contestants
Grandma and Grandpa were team captains and chose players for their teams. I was the game show creator, so I couldn't play - instead I hosted.

Ahead of time I emailed out a questionnaire to the entire extended family that I'd created on Survey Monkey. The responses made up our game.

It got pretty exciting. Grandpa's team nearly made a come-back, but in the end Team Grandma won.

There was a prize for the winners (which they shared), but there was also a pinata, so loot all around.

Chloe was our most fierce competitor, both in Family Feud and in the dive for candy after the pinata broke.

It was a shocking amount of candy!

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