Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Jaclyn's Mission Advent Calendar

Dollarama has the cutest clothes-pin-backed stocking advent garland right now, and another missionary mom I know threw out an idea recently of collecting Christmas notes from friends and family to send to her missionary, so I put it together into something for Jaclyn. Thanks to the people on Facebook and my direct email for making this happen! We found the cutest little cards to fill with everyone's well wishes, and we added some small gift cards here and there. And by 'we', I guess at this point I mean Carmen and Chloe. They put it together. Carmen wrote a stern note in Day 1 about only opening one day at a time, and Chloe wrote all sorts of silliness in the last day. 

What do you think the chances are that Jaclyn reads Carmen's and Chloe's messages (and every card in between) on the day it arrives in her mailbox?


melanie said...

I believe the chances of that happening are pretty good....about 95-100%. What are you guesses?

Barb said...

I also thought 100% she would open them all right away, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Here's what Jaclyn wrote this week:

I got the advent calendar in the mail. It made me REALLY happy. Advent calendars have always been such a huge part of our Christmases, which are always so family centred. To give you an idea of how much I care about advent calendars, I wouldn't even CONSIDER opening them before the day, whereas my birthday presents can just be opened whenever ;P

Kelly said...

I love that she's really opening one a day. Such a fun idea!