Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer Finale

(Today Ken and Steven went on a mountain bike ride, Ken painted the garage door, Steven cleaned his room, Ken painted the deck trim, and Steven went to the driving range.)

Carmen and Chloe made plans for their last days of summer. On Friday, I catered their Harry Potter Movie Marathon that went from 7am to 4am (I went off the clock at midnight). 

Today they wanted water, ice cream, and sparklers.

We went to Stanley Park for the water. Carmen found out she can't catch a swimming duck.

Chloe found out it was a little too cold in the Elbow River when the sun is behind a cloud, even on a hot day.

We had a picnic, and while we were eating, this guy biked up with two parrots on his shoulders. I pointed him out to the girls, and then we saw him place his parrots in a tree while he washed his shirt in the river (you can guess why). He was happy to let the girls hold his parrots.

He said that back when he used to have a dog the birds used to ride on the dog when he would take it for a walk.

This gave Chloe ideas - not happening.

In general Stanley Park was quality people watching; we should get out of the distant suburbs more often.

I had no idea there were so many ways to play on swings - I think they called this one the butterfly. Meanwhile, I enjoyed a couple of guitarists playing at a family picnic nearby.

Some bonus tree climbing.

My plan was to bike to My Favourite Ice Cream Parlour from Stanley Park, but Carmen and Chloe decided that was too ambitious, plus Carmen hadn't yet been to Annie's in Fish Creek Park, so we drove down there for a treat.

The bike ride was my idea.

Sparklers, as planned.

And in the morning Chloe is off to grade 7,

While Carmen is off to grade 9.

Happy Summer!

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Jill said...

It looks like you guys know how to celebrate summer right!!