Saturday, 25 May 2013

Who's the bravest one of all?

I've had this thought running through my head lately, just about how brave kids are.

They learn new instruments,

Run for student government,

Go on missions,

Present scientific findings,

Accept new experiences

Try out for teams, apply for jobs, write college entrance exams, submit proposals,

Audition for plays,

Give public performances, 

And battle the elements.

Succeed or fail, win or lose, they do it again and again. When was the last time I put myself out there like that?


Jill said...

No kidding! They're amazing and so full or possibility...why doesn't it feel like that for me?

Ortensia Norton said...

When you gave life to each of them!! You're the bravest of them all!

Kelly said...

Ah, I love Ortensia's comment! It really is easy as an adult to get into a really comfortable spot and not stretch, at least for me. Good to think about!