Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

We got up Sunday morning and headed back to Phoenix, with a short stop at Montezuma's Castle.

Ken has told Chloe before about how lucky she is to live somewhere cold where the bugs don't grow very big. This centipede was 8 inches long. Keith set a water bottle on the ground next to it for perspective, but the centipede attacked and wrapped itself around the bottle so quickly, all the rest of the photos were blurry.

Montezuma's Castle has nothing to do whatsoever with the Aztec's. The people are believed to have lived here around the 1200's and farmed the river valley below. This is the kind of thing every kid dreams of discovering for themselves - at least I did.

And here's a photo to prove we were there.

We got to Phoenix in time to watch the last of conference (though it is the news from the first of conference that is still replaying in my head).

For dinner Kelly prepared a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner, or as we like to call it: Thanksgiving dinner. It was spectacular. (Of course.) And very thoughtful.

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Tiffany said...

What a great trip! I love your photos from the Canyon!