Saturday, 4 August 2012

The 3 Night Sleepover

Really, this is the best part of summer when you're a kid. The open schedule. 

After Sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house, sleepover plans were made with Erica and then renewed the next day and the next.

The girls  rigged up a slip-n-slide with some plastic in the camping bin, which worked better with dish soap and a garbage bag.

We've done sledding on the concrete swale in the backyard before, but in 11 years we've never done a water slide.

We crafted some flip-flops.

They turned out cute, and so far seem to be holding together. Just a little something Chloe saw on Pinterest.

And cooking was big. Here we have a late lunch of fresh squeezed lemonade and salad rolls in pajamas.

We would have kept her longer, but her family wanted her back!

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Jill said...

These really are the best part of summer for need for big trips to Europe! Ha.

We just picked Whitney up from a 3 day 2 night sleepover with her cousins and it was glorious for all of us!