Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I have this thing where I take a break from birthday parties during the jr. high years. It started out as the last birthday party being at 11 years old, which evolved into 12 years old (poor Jaclyn was cut off sooner than Carmen and Steven). Partly this came from my mom having no birthday parties past 10 years old, partly it came from having 4 children and getting tired. Actually, my mom having 5 children and getting tired is probably why she stopped the birthday parties at 10 years old.

However it happened, I stand by it.

Carmen was lucky enough again to have her birthday fall during a school break, so Carmen, Chloe and I drove up to Edmonton to visit Mark, Ortensia, Camille, and Monte and to go to the water park at West Edmonton Mall! There is really nothing like it in Calgary.

Chloe started off with Monte, who loved the splash park.

Then she warmed up on the Caribbean Cruiser.

Monte is hidden in the splash.

Meanwhile, Carmen found just the right big slide for Chloe.

It was a hit!

And here's Camille, who loved the slides.

What's this? No pictures of Ortensia or I in our swim suits? However did that happen?

The next day was Carmen's actual birthday, and we thought maybe that would be the day she would pass me in height. Ortensia found a book, and Mark pulled out a level . . . 

Oh, the bubble is creeping into the middle, but still solidly on my side. You will be taller than me soon enough, Carmen. 

We had crepes for breakfast, and then drove home to spend the rest of Carmen's birthday with Ken and Steven. We went out to Chianti's and came home for ice cream cake.

Happy Birthday Carmen! How can you be 13 already???


Marie said...

Happy Birthday, to you!
Happy Birthday, to you!
Happy Birthday, Dear Carmen,
Happy Birthday, to you!

I love you! Even if you already passed me in height.

Kelly said...

Clearly Carmen has had a growth spurt since we visited over the summer. Keith mentioned how tall she was after his visit in January. Happy Birthday!

Marie said...

Hey - wait a second! My last party was when I was nine, not ten. What's up with that?