Monday, 19 December 2011


I had some thoughts when I uploaded these pictures yesterday. 
(Besides "here's a bunch of pictures", I mean.)

But here's a bunch of pictures. First, dipping chocolates with cousins:

In the morning it was Erica, Chloe, Carmen, and Emma. They are getting so good at this skill!
I did a bit of bussing finished trays to the table, and getting more warm chocolate when they ran low, but that was it. They were moving so fast, we took a break and went over to the church to play basketball for awhile (both Emma and Carmen are playing for school teams this year). We didn't want to get it all done before Marissa had a chance to join us! (She was at Driver's Ed.)

Now hanging out at the church for a couple of hours while the girls played seriously cut into other things I needed to get done (Saturday is a special day), and the girls had proven their abilities, so I left them on their own for the afternoon dipping. I think it went well, besides a chocolate-drip-on-the-cellphone miss-hap, which Marissa dealt with immediately.

Funny enough, I think this dog-pile was Marissa's idea! I'm noticing the cell phone is ever in danger's way . . . 
(But I'm not saying this is a young person's problem: Yesterday my parents were here for dinner and my dad was checking his iphone at the table after dessert. Jaclyn started to tease him about her not being allowed to check her phone at family functions, but he was so engrossed he didn't even hear her. We had a laugh at his expense, though he claims he wasn't tuning us out - just going deaf.)

Steven's favourite 'advent activities' are the food activities. Again, not necessarily something unique to young people. 

Chloe with her planning talents helped me realize I had made a bad choice of one activity last week, and that the better thing to do would be to go sledding. I really need Ken to teach that girl Excel, and then she will really whip me into shape!

We arrived at Carmen and Chloe's choir concert very early to find good seats. Luckily Ken and Steven had their *quiet books* with them as my friend Rebecca calls her husband's cell phone.

Carmen and Chloe after the concert.

We started a new tradition yesterday in that we visited Christy's grave and left some flowers on her birthday. We are nearing the anniversary of her passing, but I think we will continue to prefer to take time to reflect on her life and what we miss about having her near on the 18th as a celebration of her life.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What great traditions, Barb. Quiet books made me smile.

The girls are getting good at dipping chocolates.

What a good idea to celebrate Christy on her birthday. I'm thinking of you as you're thinking of her.

Marie said...

*quiet books* HAHAHAHAHA!

Are you loving having all your kids under your roof again? Heavenly!

Ortensia Norton said...

And Marie is up and blogging with a 3 day old!! I wonder if baby went to church on Sunday-:)

I love quiet book!!!

How wonderful to have the girls doing chocolates for you. Camille is learning from her aunt Tiff so I'll put her to work soon.