Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Lights

We took a drive through Spruce Meadows tonight.

I thought it was beautiful, though it broke one of Carmen's Rules for Christmas Lights (no solid colours except for white).

I wish I had trees like this lining my driveway up to my house - and I don't usually wish for things like long driveways.

We also toured some neighbourhoods, and voted on worst . . . 

. . . and best lights.

Carmen has become very opinionated when it comes to Christmas lights. Even better: some of Carmen's opinions are in direct opposition to Jaclyn's taste in Christmas lights. Chloe video interviewed each of them on our drive, but I'm not allowed to put it up on the blog!

The best I can do is give you Carmen's rules for Christmas lights:

No spinning or flashing
No rainbow
No solids except for white
Christmas colours only
Not on garage or windows - rooflines only
Not on deciduous trees
Must be even and straight
No lawn ornaments
No inflatables
No dangly lights
All bulbs pointing the same direction

Carmen got Ken singing, "I'm dreaming of an OCPD Christmas, just like the ones I used to know."


Marie said...


Seriously giggling over here....


I have opinions about Christmas lights, but I don't think I have eleven specific requirements, like Carmen. So funny.

Ortensia Norton said...

Those rules make perfect sense! Agreed! Does that make me OCD?

Tiffany said...

I agree with several of Carmen's rules. However--has she ever seen the Christmas lights at Temple Square on their deciduous trees? Lovely. (They know how to do them right!) Merry Christmas!