Thursday, 17 November 2011


I've been grateful for technology. I like Facebook and email and texting and phone calls and Face Time. (Though I always want more.)
Side note: I saw a little girl this week that reminded me so much of Jaclyn at 3 or 4 years old. I very nearly cried my way through aerobics class immediately afterwards.

I had a hankering for mini marshmallows last weekend - they didn't last long. I ate them *raw* but Carmen and Chloe cooked them, which later in the day inspired our return to candlelit dinners on dark winters' nights. 

"Anne" loved Chloe's doll.

We bought season's tickets to Storybook Theatre again. Last year was all classic musicals; this year is all book adaptations. So far so good! We really enjoyed Anne of Green Gables. Chloe brought her Canadian Girl, Jenna, along (with the doll all dressed up in her Anne outfit) much to the delight of the audience around us. At intermission I think I had my first encounter with Hipsters . . . some young women sitting behind us seemed to have the Hipster styling nailed down, and while Chloe and Carmen were off buying concession food one girl had me take a picture of her with the doll. 

I thought later I should have applied this test:

(Thanks for the flowchart, Jaclyn.)

Also of note:
If you want a Pomegranate deconstructed, Carmen is your girl.
Ken out of town = less cooking, more baking.
Napping in the car outside of piano lessons may be the best use of fossil fuels ever.


Ortensia Norton said...

I will spend more time cuddling and kissing Monte and Camille on the days I wish they were in university-:)

Jaclyn said...

Thanks mom. #guilttrip

Marie said...

I would love to have seasons tickets to a theatre like that. How wonderful!

(I don't know what a Hipster is...does that mean I am one, or that I'm not?)

Kelly said...

I am smiling at imagining Marie as a hipster! :)

Technology is amazing, and makes separations so much easier I think (though still tough). That's a cool picture of Carmen toasting marshmallows!