Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Fringe Benefits

It's tough to get a summer job at only 14 years old. Many typical 'teen' employers don't even take applications till age 15 (movie theatres, grocery stores). But Steven had an impressive 14-year-old's resume and he really wanted a summer job. To be more specific, he really wanted a summer job at a golf club - he was looking for fringe benefits. So it was funny that when he was lucky enough to get a job interview at the golf course around the corner from our house that he didn't ask any questions about free golf. Even when he was hired on the spot he didn't ask. Very quickly having a job became about having a job: getting up at 5am to do manual labour 4 days/week with naps after work.
Steven adjusted quickly, though, and has been enjoying his free golf and free golf cart. He and Ken (with the special friends and family rate) are squeezing in all the golf they can. It's the summer of golf.

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Jill said...

What a guy! I'm always so impressed with him. He's so smart to look for a job with benefits like that (even if he wasn't sure he'd get them) and to be working at such a young age!