Saturday, 16 July 2011

Baby you're a firework


Chloe's birthday began with birthday breakfast. Steven and Carmen came into the kitchen and promptly laid their heads on the counter, having been forced to get up earlier than usual.

Then I noticed Ken doing his version of the same thing! It was 7:30 am. (Jaclyn was just coming down from her shower.)

"Hey, you said you wouldn't get this for me!" (a baby buggie)

Later in the afternoon we had a picnic dinner down in Fish Creek Park.

Chloe tried to blow those candles out but still ended up with 6 boyfriends.

Most of the entertainment was provided by uncles.

Kevin brought his ghillie (sp?) suit, put it on Steven and after getting pictures with nearby picnickers  who thought it was funny, Steven went about sneaking up on us.

He got really close, and was only noticed by Uncle Craig.

Craig taught us lessons about resolving conflict lovingly. My new phrase is 'hug it out'. 

I just like getting pictures of the boy cousins, they're such a rarity - even though these 3 boys are bookended by one cousin on a mission and one baby boy cousin (plus another due any day now!)

For the birthday finale we drove down to just outside the Stampede Grounds for the fireworks display.

The girls pretending to be fireworks. Carmen's idea, clearly.

Happy Birthday!

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Marie said...

You changed the title. I liked the "Bufday." So cute.

Looks like a fun day to celebrate. Happy B-day, Chloe!