Tuesday, 21 June 2011

This & That

Just wrapping up the Ireland leg of our trip before moving on to London:

A gas station with a funny name. Do you think Emo has the same meaning there as here?

We had amazing weather - only one afternoon of rain, but I've put the raincoat I purchased to good use here at home.

A door knocker in Killarney - the bottom of the knocker reads ERIN in Celtic font, and I'm disappointed it doesn't show up because I was going to make stationary for my friend (Erin).

These services were available everywhere to exchange currencies, but it reminded us of the SNL skit for First Citywide Change Bank.

Street signs were often a challenge. Instead of posting them on poles at corners they were (sometimes) (hopefully there at all) on the sides of buildings. The gaelic always on top with english underneath. 

This one reads Meat Shambles Lane - I'm sure it is lovelier in gaelic.

I really couldn't get enough of the little pink roses, can you tell?

The symbol for road overpasses looked like Inuit sculpture to me, so in my mind this one reads: 
No Inukshuk Allowed.

Icecream seemed like a big thing in Ireland, but I never had one - luckily I saw the same plastic cones in London and finally got my soft serve.

In Ireland if you need to go, you're not looking for a bathroom or washroom, you're looking for a toilet. (Really, it's more accurate.) Also in Ireland you aren't looking to rent or lease, you are looking to let. I had trouble adjusting to the european ways or something because I couldn't read the signs right. I put myself into laughing hysterics at one point when I thought I read a sign that said SPACE TOILET.

The exit signs seemed very urgent.

Flavors of India or Relief Society of India?


Marie said...

I totally read that sign as "no inuksusk allowed" and wondered why on earth that would be a sign. Ha!

And the very urgent exit sign made me laugh. Maybe it is for a quick escape?

Jill said...

You've got a lot of funny ones in this post Barb. I totally agree with your thoughts on the signs and think the urgency of the exit is particularly amusing.

Emma said...

before i read your caption on the overpass sign, i was thinking "do they have something against canadians, and this is their way of expressing it??" then i read the caption and i laughed.