Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lucky Me

Well, I'm going to Ireland! Which turns out to be rather distracting. There's been a little bit of pre-trip shopping: a raincoat, pants for tromping around graveyards and such. Mostly I've just been occupied mentally with planning food for the kids while we're away, arranging rides for their activities. Luckily I don't have to worry about the travel itinerary at all - Ken and his mom are taking care of everything.

We're travelling with my in-laws who have been to Ireland many times (lots of family history in the country) so it's going to be like having our own private tour guides. At the end of our time in Ireland Ken and I are spending a couple of days alone in London, which Ken has covered! Who knew I could be so happy not in charge?

I will miss a few soccer games . . . Chloe has learned to be bold this season, I can hardly wait to see what she can do when I get back!

Thankfully, choir is all done so that's one less thing to be managed while I'm away.

I spent a good part of the concert trying to capture Carmen and Chloe with 'normal' singing faces, which was quite a challenge. Now I don't know what I was thinking - their funny singing faces (which they seem to use most of the time) would be more fun to share!

I need to set up some kind of training schedule for Carmen for while I'm gone. She's signed up for a triathlon on Canada Day so she'll need rides to the pool and I should ask Steven to take her biking. I think we'll skip the running for now - her hip flexors are killing her, I can't imagine why.

Two things I won't be missing are Jaclyn's high school and Steven's junior high school graduations, we managed to squeeze our trip right between the two events.

I'm thinking it would be fun to give the kids my blogger password and post our happenings back and forth while we're apart: "Dear kids"and "Dear Mom and Dad". What do you think, too risky? Might they prank my blog beyond repair?


Jill said...

How exciting! I would love to go to Ireland! It's a lot of work to organize life when you leave town, but hopefully once you're gone you'll be able to relax and enjoy everything.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Wow! How fun.

I say give them your passwords. I'd trust your kids with MY password.

Have a good time.

JennyLynn said...

Have a lovely trip to Ireland & London.

Marie said...

Buy some kind of tacky Kate and William gadget now that they must be 65% off since the wedding is over.

Kelly said...

How exciting! That sounds so fun! I can't wait to see your pictures.

I think you should give the kids your blogging password. It could be very entertaining!

michelle said...

How exciting! I would love to go to Ireland. We went to London as a family, but I think it would be delightful to be there and to get to do whatever I wanted.

Getting ready to leave town and have everything covered for the kids is enough to make you need a vacation! It will all be worth it, I'm sure.

Give the kids your password! It's sure to be hilarious, and you can always change it when you get back...