Thursday, 9 December 2010

Baking through a pinhole

The activity advent calendar dies a small death every year as the kids get older. Not everyone wants to make paper snowflakes any more! Happily everyone still likes baking, or at least eating. Tuesday night was sugar cookies:
Jaclyn was so efficient! She by far baked the most cookies (Guess which Ziploc I feel free to steal from - how could she notice with so many cookies?)
Carmen is also very proficient. She didn't bake as many as Jaclyn, but she got all of her's decorated. (Guess who Ken is stealing from.)

Steven likes the eating the best, and he certainly isn't worried about appearance (he made quite a few Christmas shamrocks and why not when he's just eating them himself).

Chloe likes the dough as well as the cookies. (She also likes making paper snowflakes.)

And what about the pinhole? 

I'm enjoying my new little point & shoot camera. Tuesday night I tried out the 'pinhole' setting for something different, which I may regret when I put these washed out pictures next to 'auto' setting pictures in the photo album - oh well.

(Does it make this post less Christmas-y to know we watched Spiderman while we baked?)


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Nope, it does not make this post lest Christmas-y knowing you watched Spiderman . . . with much power comes great responsibility.

It's sad watching the kids outgrow some things. Which ones are you not sad they are outgrowing?

Marie said...

I refuse to accept that there will come a time where scissors, glue and glitter will not captivate my children and set them in the holiday mode. I won't allow it.

Jill said...

Marie's comment is funny.

It is a bit funny that you watched Spiderman while making Christmas cookies, but whatever works!

michelle said...

I do find it difficult to come up with activities that my children of different ages all want to do. I told Eva we were going to drive around to look at Christmas lights and she said that wasn't fun. Sad!