Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas begins tomorrow

This year I had my own usual personal deadlines for November 30th: finish Christmas cards and chocolates. Done. (Tis the season for burning the candle at both ends.)

Then there was the additional deadline for BYU early-consideration application (tomorrow, technically). Also done - not that I did much besides obsess over whether they'd receive Jaclyn's high school transcripts in time, or at all. We sent them priority mail, which is track-able and darn if those documents didn't sit in a post office somewhere for ten days after they crossed the border and before they were delivered. What was with that? Though the greater headache was the international applicant requirement to provide official bank statements showing an account holding $20,000 cash in U.S. funds. I'm pretty sure that was an American government requirement, not something unique to BYU. I guess they don't want anyone to enter the country on a student visa, only to stay and not have the money for college. Still. How many of you have a bank account with a balance over $20,000? Neither did we - and they didn't want to see mutual funds or anything like that. Cash only, please.

Speaking of money, I've been spending plenty of it and not on Christmas shopping. Carmen got braces. We bought Steven a new snowboard (Technically a Christmas present, but early. And don't worry about us, we're very good about holding strong and not buying more when Christmas gets closer.) Then I took my DSLR camera in to get fixed, and since that's going to take 6-8 weeks I walked out with a new point & shoot camera, which is counting as my birthday present.

But tomorrow is December 1st, the beginning of family fun and traditions. Good night, November.


Kelly said...

Ahh Dec 1. There needs to be an official recognition of this blessed day for Mothers everywhere, what is it about November?

Kelly said...

My December resolution is to be a better blog commenter.

That had to test your patience waiting for that transcript. 10 days in a post office? Maybe they had to do that, so no one would get the impression that international mail is efficient or anything. And what is with the bank account thing?? Certainly a new development since Keith went to BYU. And ridiculous because like you said, who has that much cash? BYU doesn't even come close to costing that much for a year, and Jaclyn is certainly scholarship bound.

So braces for Carmen? Is she still enamored with them? There seems to be a big shift in attitude with kids who think they want braces after the braces go on. At least that's my experience. Avery is determined not to be as dramatic as Brynlee has been about it when it's her turn, but we'll see how that turns out.

Jill said...

What did you end up doing about the $20,000? I don't know anyone who has that kind of money!

I'm so impressed that your cards and chocolates are done already!

Marie said...

I am so feeling the Christmas spirit this year. Love it!

Mark said...

Ah the good ole international student application requirements from DHS. We went the route of a line of credit to satisfy that requirement when we moved down to Utah. Thankfully since our kids now have dual citizenship we won't have to worry about that part when it comes time for them to choose a college. Hope your daughter gets in even if it is for the big rival ;) Mark Bore

michelle said...

Cool image!

I can't even believe the $20,000 requirement. We would be so hosed.