Monday, 16 August 2010

Summer Scrapbooking

I know this idea originated somewhere with Chloe, but I'm super happy about it because I would like to encourage better journalling in the kids.  Anyhow, what Carmen and Chloe have been doing this summer is taking more pictures, printing them on Saturdays, and then putting them in books with written descriptions on Sundays.  (Jaclyn and Steven are doing more traditional journals.  Sometimes.)

A few little examples of pictures in their summer scrapbooks:

The endless quest for more treats than mom is willing to make.

A trip to the pet store.  Somehow I thought this was a safe thing to do when we already have a pet.  Wrong again.

Typical silliness with matching hair and splitting/sharing socks and shoes.


Elizabeth said...

Leina would love that, great idea!

Lucy said...

What a fabulous idea. I bought each of my boys a "School Years" scrapbook YEARS ago and every summer, I vow that we will work on it together so that they have their memories preserved in their own writing and feelings. I've got one more week.

Can I just say that I think your family is adorable?

a happy heart blog. said...

I really really like that idea and I love that cute photo witht hose silly outfits! So cute!

Kelly said...

I'm loving that third photo!

Jill said...

This is an excellent idea and so cool that they're working on it themselves.