Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Self-Portrait Tuesday

I took most of the kids with me to do new passport photos today.  Sort of pathetic that I can get a better picture at the end of the day with Photobooth than I can from a professional passport photographer.

Carmen missed the excursion because she was off to Canmore with a friend, but it had to be done for Jaclyn today because she is on a different school calendar and today was her last day of spring break.      Back to Costco I go on Thursday to get Carmen's passport photo done.  I should probably take Steven with me for a retake - I'm not sure a guarantor will be willing to sign the back of the one from today attesting it is a good likeness.  Even if the guarantor is his own dad.


lelly said...

ahhhh... the end-of-the-day spt. :) wouldn't it be great if we could all provide our own photo for passports? i might be inspired to get one!

Jill said...

Ahh passport photos, why are they so difficult to get? I think it's because of the nonsmiling aspect of them.

Kelly said...

The professional passport photographer we used was the clerk at Walgreens, so I'm not surprised you get a better picture with Photobooth!

How bad could Steven's picture be? :)

Katie A. said...

I have never had to deal with passports...I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about that. They sound like a pain, but I sound boring now that I say that!

Marie said...

You should see Harrison's passport. It is stinkin hilarious.

But they took it.

michelle said...

All of our passport pictures are hilarious to me. Well, except mine. That one's just plain scary. It's like they were going for the least flattering angle known to man or something.

Love your pic.