Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Larger than life

Change is sometimes only a 'click' away.  I've opted into something with blogger, which is supposed to be better for Macs, and since I am now a Mac (My brother-in-law says I became one the moment I contemplated buying one as it is a state of mind more than anything else.  He considers me a lost soul.) - anyhow, since I am now a Mac I clicked the recommended change, and here I am with extra-large photos.  Likely, the easy extra-large photos have been available to me for some time, but I hadn't investigated blogger upgrades until now.  So here's Jaclyn at her badminton meet last week.
Also last week: Carmen and a friend took up a self-designed 7-day challenge to 'be' vegetarian.  She started off sneaky, opting out of meat without drawing attention to herself and requesting salad in her lunch claiming to be 'really in the mood' for salad.  She finally outed herself the night we had Tuscan Chicken Wraps because she felt it would be too obvious when she made a mozza, spinach, roasted red pepper wrap sans chicken.  After that her week went more smoothly because I cooked around her preferences with vegetable soups and Egyptian lentils.  (We were both a little relieved when she returned to our normal family meat eating.)
Today I finished a little project I saw on Just Something I Made.  My plan is to copy down all the growth measurements penciled into Grandpa's den door frame, as well as a few from Ken's bike shop door frame and add them to our more portable, not tied to real estate, growth chart.  I Modpodge'd the poster onto the back of a 7' long piece of vinyl as recommended on JSIM to give it more of a tape measure feel, and I'm happy with the effect. (BTW:  I have enough vinyl for 3 more growth charts if anyone's interested.) I've only now noticed that the feet are divided into eighths, just like inches, which is less convenient for measuring.  We'll still have to get out Ken's carpenter tape measure to record the height in feet and inches.  Maybe I should have done the metric one?


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

That growth chart is adorable. I LIKE the idea.

Glad Carmen is back to proteins and family dining. I wonder how long I could make it on a vegetarian diet.

Tiffany said...

What a cute growth chart! You have been doing some fun projects lately. Good job on the latest!

Katie A. said...

I love that growth chart! Very cool! I don't think I could make it as a vegetarian, but that wrap sounds great, with or without chicken.

Christy said...

very cute growth chart. i wish i had seen this idea before we moved... all that data is lost. at one point i was going to actually cut out the door frame, but it got forgotten in the moving blech. I might be interested in some of the supplies (hopefully we had numbers on dad's den wall)

i'm glad carmen went back to eating protein - i know how difficult it is to follow an alternative diet

Amy said...

Barb! Whenever you make something, I want to copy you. Such great style! You're officially hired as my project shopper because I'm too mired for searching lately.

Kelly said...

The growth chart looks amazing and will go so well in your house, I think, too. How nice to have those heights marked at a Grandpa's house. We have (obviously) moved far too much to have ever kept a record like that. And I'm liking the bigger pictures!

Elizabeth said...

So how do you change the settings for mac and the large photos. Tips please!

Hilary said...

I love how your measuring tape turned out! Awesome!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Are you selling your extra measuring tape finished? :-) Let me know!

Cathe Holden said...

Would you PLEASE post the measuring tape project you made in the JSIM gallery Flickr Pool that I just started today!! I love that photo of it over the chair.

Thank you so much!