Friday, 19 March 2010

Five for Friday

1) I'm sitting here while Steven does the backboard for his science fair project. I'm consulting with him on font size from time to time, but that's about it. I haven't even seen his log book, (which he says is done) and it's killing me a little, but officially I believe in letting kids do their own work. I keep reminding myself I'm not going to college with him.
2) Last week I made some little chairs (a la Design Sponge) from the wire cages on sparkling peach juice we bought for Carmen's birthday. Chloe thought I was about as brilliant as could be, but she was the one who came up with the muffin cup table.
3) On Saturday I had a work friend and her daughter over to craft with me and my girls. While they made curled edge flowers and scrabble tile necklaces I made this satin peony fabric flower for little Jenna. It would have been cute on a headband, but Jenna doesn't like the feel of headbands behind her ears.
4) This year I finally followed through on the much blogged about green lunch for St. Patrick's Day. Jaclyn came downstairs in the morning and saw what I was doing and just rolled her eyes. So fine, it was mostly for my own amusement.

5) Tonight Jaclyn is going on a one night winter camp with YW's which I originally set on the calendar, but the new YW President has to follow through on. I'd feel bad about it except that on Wednesday I had to do the RS Party that the new YW President planned awhile back. We didn't quite trade callings. She was the RS counsellor responsible for weekday meetings and I am now the weekday meeting coordinator. Chloe clarified with me, "So it's like you do Activity Days for the grown up ladies?" Pretty much.


Janine said...

green lunch - cute idea - I just may do it next year.

And that enrichment on Wed. was really fun.

Marie said...

Jaclyn rolled her eyes? Ahhh, that is sad.

And the Activity Days for RS is exactly right. Perfect.

Glad things are going well up there. Aimee and Carter keep asking when they get to have another sleep over at your house.

cheetah said...

I love those little chairs!
Jaclyn really needs to come live with me:-)

Kelly said...

I love how Jaclyn rolled her eyes.

Did I miss the announcement you were the new Enrichment Girl? Anyway, what a score for the RS!

Natalie said...

The little chairs are so cute - though I have to ask who is going to sit on them?

michelle said...

Those tiny chairs are adorable!

Love your peony, too. I've made some curled-edge flowers, but I'd like to make one of those...