Thursday, 4 February 2010

Scrabble Necklaces

(10 points plus and an extra 50 for a word 7 letters or longer)
The craft-fest continues as Ken and Steven travel for basketball tournaments. Things have been really girly around here on Friday nights!
When we visited Kelly over Christmas Brynlee had the cutest Scrabble tile pendants that Kelly had made at Relief Society. I wanted some! It turns out the hardest part of this craft is tracking down the materials, and it really wasn't doable in the short time we were in Arizona, but Kelly at least found a good tutorial for me and then when I got home I collected the supplies.
I found the silver aankraku bails on eBay with free shipping to Canada (that never happens!!!) from this seller. I found a Scrabble game at Value Village (score!!!) and funny enough, I already had glaze from another craft I never followed through on. You can buy digital images intended for Scrabble tiles on etsy, but my color printer wasn't cooperating, which stretched our creativity a bit - a good thing.
Jaclyn and Chloe each chose to leave their first initial facing forwards, which only required the glaze. For the rest we used scrapbook paper, origami paper, images from ripped books, as well as a duplicate music book. The turquoise one is from a car advertisement in a magazine.
My favorite so far belongs to Carmen. She did a pendant from a visitors map to Moab (collected on our Christmas road trip). It has the dot labeled MOAB and several highways branching off from there. (No photo - she's asleep right now and I don't know where she's put it.) My favorite of Chloe's is a cross-section of an orange (taken from a magazine) which turned out very cool and abstract. And I love Jaclyn's music one (above). I thought 45 Scrabble tiles was tons, but I was so wrong, because variety is the essence of this craft. I could wear a different necklace every day.
Though for the next couple of weeks I think I'll stick with this one.


Denise said...

My girls would love this. Why can't I be the kind of mom who gathers the supplies and actually makes it happen?! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you. So creative!

Janine said...

okay - I'm not crafty and I've never had a desire EVER to make jewelry - but I LOVE these!! Will you sell some? You know, to save me the time it will take to learn how to do it all and then to do it and then to redo them because they suck.

Kelly said...

Oh wow, they turned out fabulously! I think you really benefited from not having the printer cooperate -- the images you have are great. This makes me want to make more. I bought glaze the other day. Another thing for after the move, though.

Lucy said...

What a great idea. All of those turned out beautifully. I'm very impressed.

Jenny said...

great idea!

Natalie said...

Love 'em. I can see how once you get going the possibilities are endless.

Marie said...

So cute!

You have such great projects.

Elizabeth said...

Can't wait to make these! I am wondering if there is way tomake them reversible, hmmm?

Elizabeth said...
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Hilary said...

you are doing such cute crafts with your girls! I love it. So cute!

Jill said...

What a fun project for you and your girls to make together, these are darling!

michelle said...

Darling! I'm going to look out for an old Scrabble game...