Thursday, 28 January 2010

It's Chemistry

Jaclyn is out of school for exams, and got to spend the day job shadowing in the lab at Ken's office. When I picked her up at 2pm the lab technician came out to greet me and to let me know that Jaclyn was just finishing up an experiment and would be out in 5 minutes. I knew right then she'd had a great day. No, that's an understatement. More like died and gone to heaven.

When Ken arranged for Jaclyn to check out the lab, and then the lab said to plan for 5 hours, Ken told me he had no idea of what they would do with her for so long. Neither of us really expected that she'd get to participate fully in the operations around the lab. Well, she did. And how. In the car she gave me every detail of the experiments she'd participated in and their purposes. As Neighbor Jane Payne said today, I listened and did "my best to catch a word or two".

She got to bring home samples of sand and gel (which I think she made) used in fracking oil and gas wells.

If only she'd brought her camera to the lab! At least she accommodated me with a self-portrait in her new safety glasses. She'll be the envy of Chem 30 AP with her superior safety eye wear and experience working with 28% Hydrochloric Acid.
This fantastic day at the lab and the satisfaction she derives from chemistry reminds me of something I overheard her teacher say to another student last week. He said, "There are people wandering around out there who know something is missing from their lives, but don't know what. It's chemistry."


Jill said...

What a cool day for Jaclyn!

I have never once considered the possibility that chemistry may be missing from my life!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

That teacher's quote is the best. I'm going to remember that. Like Jill, I never considered chemistry once.

On what will Jaclyn decide to concentrate her studies? She has so much ability and aptitude in so many areas. I can't wait to see where she puts her energies. Madame Curie move over.

I thought Ken was in the financial world. I had no idea hydrochloric acid was in the same building somewhere.

Barb said...

You're right, Ken does work in finance but he works for an oil and gas services company. And actually, the hydrochloric acid IS in another building.
(Jaclyn plans on studying biochemistry in college.)

Marie said...

Now that is perhaps the coolest, "Take your daughter to work" day ever.

Natalie said...

What fun, my lab senses are tingling! Jaclyn makes those glasses look good.

April said...

You and she better read The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie without delay!

cheetah said...

The girl just keeps on amazing me!

jaclyn said...

I already read that book. I really liked the old way of naming all the different chemicals.

Kelly said...

What a cool day -- so much more than the average opportunity on take your daughter to work day. I sort of feel sorry for my girls if they ever have to go to Keith's work for the day -- nobody's really into mouths around here.

Love the self-portrait, Jaclyn!