Thursday, 17 December 2009

Silk & Organza Necklaces

I have a couple of friends who celebrate birthdays tomorrow, and this year I knew just what I wanted to give them: Fabric covered necklaces as seen on You Can Make This.

For Christy: red silk with an organza flower.

For Tania: larger beads covered in champagne silk.

And a bonus for me: small grey velvet beads covered in sheer navy organza.

I loved how they turned out and made copies of the *Christy* and the *Tania* for myself, but somehow I'm going to have to suppress an urge to apologize for them when the gifts are opened. It has been a long time since I gave a hand-made gift, and I had forgotten about the insecurities that sometimes are coupled with giving something I've created.

As for the tutorial, just a couple of notes:

  • Haven't the fabric world and the fashion world always gone hand in hand?
  • I think Kim, the expert in the video, looks like Marie Osmond. But you won't now that I've mentioned it.
  • I don't think any fabric will do, I think you have to use fancy fabric.
  • She says to use a fabric width of 45" but she really means 60". Trust me, 45" won't be long enough.
  • Place your first bead in the very center, not to the side of the pin which is in the center. Still use a pin to secure one side of the first bead, but not until after you've placed the bead.
  • I knotted the unfinished ends at the edge of the selvage - I liked that look better than sewing the ends closed.
  • I gathered the wired ribbon from both ends and then wired the organza ribbon flower on to the necklace with the raw wire pulled outside the flower so that it is fastened well, but can be removed.
  • A totally worthwhile project!


Natalie said...

Gorgeous! After Christmas, will you help me make a "Natalie"?

Christy said...

LOVE IT! Especially the Christy! and my girls have been seen taking turns wearing it around too - modelling to see how it looks on them. You can throw all your insecurities away, and know that your gifts were well received, and mean that much more because they were touched with love. Thank you! Thank you! It was fun to be with you today.

Tiffany said...

So cute!

Jill said...

Wow, I'm seriously impressed with these creations!

Marie said...

So beautiful and glamorous!

That red one is making me drool.

Marie said...

I just went to check out the Osmond look alike, and I can see it.

Kelly said...

I saw the tutorial before I read your notes, I did think it was Marie.

Beautiful creations. Lucky friends!

michelle said...

Very pretty!

I completely understand the insecurity of giving a handmade gift... it can seem so presumptuous. I have to force myself to swallow my disclaimers.

Elizabeth said...

love it and I am sure they will too!

Do you mind telling Marie I want an invite to her blog.