Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas (American Style)

Steven and Ken dragged Keith out on Christmas Eve Day to try something new. Not a traditional Christmas event for Keith, but probably an impossible Canadian Christmas Event:

They just walked into a gun club and asked to try out a machine gun and a handgun. The 'machine gun guy' was busy so the girl at the counter handed them a handgun and ammo (and no further instructions) until the MP5 guy was available.

Thanks to Keith's i-phone we have documentation of this festive event. It was some good male-bonding fun complete with people-shaped targets on zip lines out to the distance you choose and then back again to see where the holes are. For some crazy reason I didn't think these things exist outside of the movies. (American movies) (kidding, not criticizing)

When evening came we settled into some more familiar Christmas territory: Sleepy Soup with Christmas Crackers (thus the crowns) to add some Canadian Flavour.

Christmas crackers pop like a cap gun and are a little scary for the first time.

Dads are brave enough to pop them all by themselves!

After dinner we went to the Mesa Temple to see the Christmas lights.


Emerson & Chloe

All the kids.

The earliest Christmas wake-up time was decided to be 7am (Keith had opened the bidding with 6am) but the kids slept till around 7:30 - hooray!

I'm so happy to have finally captured an image of the yessss fist.

The rest of the day we lazed around and did whatever we wanted.

Including continuing the spirit of the previous day by playing Modern Warfare 2 on PS3.

Kelly planned probably the prettiest Christmas dinner I've ever seen with a Christmas salad (those are pomegranates), mashed potatoes, oatmeal pan bread, asparagus wrapped in marscapone and prosciutto, glazed ham, and mustard sauce. The flavors blended together perfectly and we all needed a rest from eating before we could eat both the almond-citrus tart and the pear-dark chocolate cake.
I may never leave.


Jill said...

Going to the shooting range would be my husband's dream Christmas Eve Day (or any other day really) event.

I'm not familiar with sleepy soup, but have heard of Christmas crackers but never tried one.

It must be so much fun to have all the cousins together, but does Steven mind being the only boy or is he used to it?

Marie said...

We are so excited that the jersey fit Steve. Getting clothes for people is scary.

Christmas Eve at the shooting range never occurred to me. Did they have 'jingle bells' playing?

No Christmas Crackers in the 'States? I had no idea that was a Canadian thing. Huh.

And going to the temple grounds to look at the lights sounds like a lovely Christmas Eve activity.

Carmen - thank you for the ribbon toy for Harrison! We don't have anything like it from previous babies, so it is a perfect choice. Did you make it yourself? You did an awesome job!

michelle said...

I am cracking up over going to the shooting range for Christmas Eve! Oh so festive.

We always have Christmas crackers thanks to my mother-in-law, who is English. We always have to wear those crowns...

That dinner looks amazing! I want chocolate pear cake...

Lucy said...

I didn't know you could do that either! Man, I love America:)

Merry Christmas to you. I can't believe you are taking such a road trip in the middle of winter! I felt a pang as you described Moab and Arches, as they are only 3 hours away from my little nook. Travel back safely and enjoy the sun in AZ!

Oh, and Kelly's Christmas dinner is divine looking.

Emily said...

Sounds like everyone had a fabulous time! Hope you have a safe trip home!