Monday, 31 August 2009

Thoughts this morning

My flower garden did well this summer, thanks to Carmen and all her watering attention.

One thing I like about running in the fall is how tall I look as I head west in the morning.
I can't believe Jaclyn's bus didn't pick her up today.
I really enjoyed standing outside the school this morning chatting with my fellow school moms after the kids found their names on the class lists and headed inside.

That's 3 fingers for 3rd grade!

Can I just sit here if you're taking first-day-of-school pictures?

Carmen can't take her favorite accessory to school with her, so her fashion scarf and metallic flats will have to be enough for the first day of 5th grade.
As per usual, the kids got some of the friends they wanted in their class, and some not. We weren't desperate for one particular teacher, so it was impossible to be disappointed there.
Now today my big plans today are laundry, finishing my Shutterfly book while it's still 20% off, making caramel sauce with apple slices for after school, and if there's any time left after that I might clean up a little around here.


Jill said...

How delightful that your flower garden did so well this summer. We didn't have any flowers this year, and I missed them every day.

How nice to look so tall and skinny with your morning shadow!

Marie said...

More bus woes for Jaclyn? Unbelievable.

I'm not as happy about this first day of school business as you seem to be. Carter is totally into it, but I'm not overly impressed about this. Sigh.

I loved Steve's 'first day of school' picture. Not by the door, all ready to go, but relaxed on the couch, just hangin'. That is funny to me.

A Happy Heart Blog said...

Wasn't the bus not picking her up last year? WHat's the deal?

Cute first day of school photos. I agree that it is fun going to the school and chatting with the other moms - especially on that first day of school. Our girls live too close to school to have the bus.

Have a lot of fun doing things today!

lelly said...

oh, no... the bus saga continues?!

Mandy said...

Your kids are so cute! I love how fashionable Carmen is.

michelle said...

Really, the bus didn't pick her up? What gives?

The little peek I'm seeing of Chloe's backpack is giving me goosebumps.

Price Cream Parlor said...

Cute first day of school photos! Can you believe that summer is already over? We have one more week and I am loving every moment...

What's up with the bus?!!

Christy said...

hmmm, bus woes, or seminary have our EMPATHY!

April said...

love those metallic flats. delish.

We had a bit of disappointment over teachers and friends in classes, but have finally settled into it here. Something about kicking against the pricks here...wish I could learn that lesson as well.

Emma said...

Carmen"s outfit is really cute...
have fun at school

melanie said...

We've only gone 3 days but the thrill of starting and getting back with friends and routines has been alive. I hope it lasts awhile, I like this feeling.

Katie A. said...

I had forgotten about the school bus issues. That's terrible that it seems like a repeat this year. Fingers crossed for a first-day-back-oops.

Everyone looks happy to be getting back to school.

I don't think I have your e-mail address either. Mine is

Amanda L. said...

I love all the excitement of the first day of school...! Especially chatting with moms I haven't seen in awhile.

Carmen's outfit is so fashionable! I'm curious what her favorite fashion accessory is that she couldn't take with her?

All adorable pics for the first day..and kudos for making an espeically yummy sounding after school treat. Mine was non existent and thankfully not expected!