Saturday, 6 June 2009

Today I scrubbed a thousand feet of tile grout

But last Saturday I got dressed up and went for a walk in the park with my family.

We met up with a talented photographer, Tere (say: Terri). She has an adorable personality and made the family photo shoot really fun. The kids were happy to do it (that's how good she is) and they're volunteering to do it again next year (shocker!).

As amazing as Tere is, she still had to deal with pulling together six people into natural poses and smiles. I don't know about your family, but in my family that's a challenge.

It was easier to get good results with smaller groups. (da girls)

Me and my man.

Da boys.
Individual shots went the best:





Another stab at a family shot.

And we're done!
Next time I'm going to have to hire a videographer to capture Tere at work: "Work it baby!" "I luove it!"


cheetah said...

those are super fantastic! All of them. I love the last shot b/c it's amazing that she caught all of you in the air. Amazing. But the rest are fantastic too. You all look fabulous!

Christy said...

Wow - she really IS good. I couldn't see Ken's picture smile anywhere...
All very good pictures, how do you ever choose...

Lucy said...

It's so fun to see everyone together and looking so smashing. Beautiful pics...beautiful family.

stacy{s} said...

I am loving your clothing color selections! very chic.

Janine said...

Those are great pictures, and I really like the one of you and Ken. Good thing you did it last weekend and not this one! Coleman loved camp, did Steven?

Price Cream Parlor said...

What great photos! I love the one at the end!!!

Anne said...

What a beautiful family you have!

Mandy said...

Those pictures are great! I have to admit the jumping one is my favorite. You have a beautiful family!

Tiffany said...

Love the photos! Beautiful shots of your beautiful family!

Denise said...

Has anyone told you today how gorgeous you are? Wow! Those are great pics, beautiful family.

Elizabeth said...

They turned out great. I love the first one where it looks like you just decided to get dressed up and take a walk in the park.

Kelly said...

Wow, these are awesome and make me want to get family pictures taken soooo badly. I, too, love the color combinations -- every one of you looks fantastic. I really like the one of just you and Ken -- gorgeous! Tere did a fabulous job, but she had great subject matter to start with photographing the 6 of you.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Barb, these are GREAT! And, I can't believe how high you can jump! You have a lot of air in that last picture.

Anonymous said...

Great Photos Barb!

melanie said...

They're all great Barb. I love the one with you and Ken and Jaclyn is stunning in her individual photo. I really want to gear up from some family photos later in the summer or fall but with my kids ages, I doubt it would go so smoothly.

And Jane's right, you've caught air in that last photo.

Amy said...

The photos are fantastic, Barb. All of them so stunning really that I can't pinpoint a favorite. What a cute bunch you've made!

Natalie said...

Great pictures! I might have to get that girl's # when we make it out west - we are badly in need of a current family photo! Does she do large groups tooÉ (Iève done something frenchy to my computer and am missing the question mark and apostrophe!) Chloe on the bench is tooo cute!

Marie said...

The black and white family photo is stunning. Stunning. Where are you going to display all this beauty?

Emma said...

i love the first family one! i like the colourful outfits

Jill said...

The photos look great, you've got a good looking family!

Katie A. said...

Oh, it looks beautiful there, and all of you look great! All of those photos are fantastic. You can tell that the smiles are not forced. That is a good photographer! I am a sucker for black and white photos.

April said...

I scanned through your comments because I was sure someone would ask you where you got your dress...I've got to know! It's gorgeous.

You all look so beautiful. Lots of lovely pictures. Reminds me that mine are still on a disc from last November and I need to get them on the walls. Somehow I need to make developing and framing a priority in my budget this month!

Marissa said...

Those pictures are SO SO SO GREAT! WOWZERS!<3

Hilary said...

You all are so gorgeous! What great pictures!

michelle said...

Wonderful! Beautiful photos of your beautiful family -- a treasure for sure.

A Happy Heart Blog said...

I just love everyone of these photos, especially the first one when your family is walking - it's just beautiful!

Jenny said...

Lovely fun photos Barb!