Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mother's Day

Our ward has a tradition of passing out a token of appreciation to all of the mothers after sacrament meeting. We always receive a package of 3 Lindor chocolates.

Today after I got my box of chocolates Carmen said to me, "If there were 4 chocolates in that box you'd give them to us, right?"
I totally would.
(Good thing there's only 3.)


Natalie said...

Now, that's a tradition I'd go for anyday! I love flowers (our ward was giving out geraniums), but chocolate trumps those for sure!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a funny post. I love the wording in it, Barb.

And a Happy Mother's Day to you!

Tiffany said...

What a simple and happy tradition. (Roses here!) Happy Mother's Day!

Marie said...

Each young man gave the mothers a potted mum plant, and the young women came behind them and gave out one almond rocka from a giant bag of them. But I still had to split my one chocolate four ways.

Happy Mother's Day!

Jill said...

Those are my favorite chocolates! Randy gave me a bag with some of the milk chocolate and some of the peanut butter truffles for Mother's Day. I'm pretty stingy about sharing them though.

melanie said...

Good thing because I wouldn't want to openly share either!

Lucy said...

Gah! I have three and I wouldn't want to share! I love truffles, but, I suppose if they asked, I would. Great little great and great post.

Katie A. said...

Good thing, indeed! Happy Mother's Day!

Just reading your last post made me tired! Whew. You guys stay busy. I love reading about your kids' activities. They are each very enthusiastic.

Amanda L. said...


I have missed you!

This is a sweet tradition. I would definitely eat these right up! We got some chocolates too.

michelle said...

A very good tradition. I'm glad there were only three...