Friday, 29 May 2009

Check, check

I think I've figured out why kids break up into isolated groups in high school: jocks, artsie's, brains. Eventually a kid has to choose what he likes best, and I suppose there he makes his friends.
This week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, Steven worked from 9am to 6pm (9pm on Thursday) as the sound tech for the school play. In the middle, on Wednesday, he went to Track & Field Divisionals for hurdles and the 200-metre sprint. Meanwhile his classes marched on without him, so he spent evenings and into the nights doing school work he normally would have done in class.
Steve told me he knows he's had a busy week because he has no idea of what the standings are in the play-offs.
Me: Which play-offs? (But I didn't think to wonder until after he'd gone to bed, so I don't know the answer. Basketball? Hockey? Both? Is it even still basketball or hockey season? I'm proud to say I know it isn't football season.)


Christy said...

hahaha,i'm with you. yesterday i heard that the final stanley cup series is set to start this weekend (i think), and i was totally surprized! as soon as the flames were out, i checked out.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

The thing is your kids are so well-rounded I just don't know how choosing is possible for them!

I'm proud of you for knowing football is in the fall.

Marie said...

Yes, basketball and hockey are both still in their finals. I am such a good wife.

I love that Steve is finding so many areas of interest to him. He is the coolest guy.

PS: I've been chanting 'cinderella dressed in yella...' under my breath all day. :-)

Elizabeth said...

He is looking like his Dad more and more. It will be fun to see what mine settle into.

michelle said...

I'm with Jane -- your kids are too well-rounded to fit into any one category!

Tiffany said...

He looks so grown up with all the sound equipment! What wonderful opportunities your kids take advantage of!