Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Life in my world

On Saturday Steven started his Red Cross First Aid training as a Chief Scout requirement. I set up the class for our scout troop because I know some instructors through my health care provider CPR re-certification I have to do every year for work. Organizing the class was a pain because it involved getting individuals to commit to being there and I was a little stressed that we wouldn't fill the class to capacity as per my agreement with the instructors, but in the end we had 18 participants (they were looking for a minimum of 12) so that was pretty great. Once we had the class filled I started worrying about the instructor not showing up. I was a little uptight about the whole thing, apparently. For a girl who doesn't like being in charge of things, I sure get myself in charge of a lot of things.

After I got Steven home from day 1 of first aid training, Jaclyn and I headed out to the Young Women's General Broadcast. It was one of those church meetings where every speaker is even better than the last with Sister Dalton and President Monson being my favorites. Sister Dalton spoke about how she had stitched a white rose on her *bandelo* as a young woman to symbolize purity. Then she shared that a year ago after meeting with President Monson and accepting the calling of General Young Women's President, he offered her a white rose from a bouquet in his office and right then and there she knew that it would be her mission to call for a return to virtue. I drove straight from the broadcast to the grocery store hoping they would have white roses, because it was too late for a florist on a Saturday night, and they did. I gave one to each of my young women on Sunday and retold Sister Dalton's story. Then I told them that if they prepare themselves, Heavenly Father will have a message to communicate to them as they listen to General Conference next week. It might not be the exact words a speaker says, but rather something the spirit whispers to their hearts: just like the white rose President Monson offered to Sister Dalton was a message especially for her. I told them I hoped that they would keep their rose in their rooms and remember to pray and prepare for General Conference.

I must say, high school is different than I thought. I helped Jaclyn carry this prop for a skit into her school at lunch time yesterday. I expected to be completely ignored. For some reason I was thinking the high school students are all aloof and self-involved. Wrong. We attracted lots of attention and (friendly) comments as we carried Steven's science fair backboard, re-purposed, to Jaclyn's English classroom.

And finally, I bought myself a new sweater 2 weeks ago on a bright, sunny, snow-melting day. I felt a little silly buying winter clothes in springtime weather, but it was a great decision. It has been mildly cold and majorly snowy since then, and my new sweater is helping me enjoy the continued winter weather the best I can.


Jill said...

How great that your Red Cross training turned out better than you thought it would. I can totally relate to this thought, "For a girl who doesn't like being in charge of things, I sure get myself in charge of a lot of things."

I haven't watched the YW Broadcast yet, but think it's wonderful that you gave the girls a white rose and told them how they can hear something just for them at conference. It took me years to figure that out.

That prop car is hilarious.

I'm glad you went ahead and got the winter sweater. Winter is lingering here too.

Elizabeth said...

I love that sweater. I could actually be wearing it right now. The wind is whipping in and I am freezing.

Tiffany said...

Yay for a yellow sweater and white roses!

I was on sugardoodle.net the other day and a few YW leaders talked about running to the store for white roses after the meeting. It sounds like several ladies got the same inspiration! :)

Janine said...

And thank you for organizing the training. Coleman really enjoyed it.

And I'm calling you for my next crazy hair day.

And did you get to eat the chicken pot pie?

Price Cream Parlor said...

I love that you thought about the white rose and did that the week before General Conference! You are quite amazing!! I have the broadcasted taped and can't wait to watch it. I understand it is wonderful for both girls and boys!

Loving the car! Love that you help your littles with things like this -

Your spring sweater is a great color!

Anonymous said...

I loved sister daltons talk. It was my favorite, I also loved hearing Thomas S. Monson.

Denise said...

I love that you got white roses for your young women! I hope my girls get leaders like that when they get to YW -- it makes such a difference. Good on ya!

Katie A. said...

That is a fantastic sweater. Good purchase! I'm having buyer's remorse--I desperately needed dressy pants to wear to work, but I know I'll outgrow them soon. I felt very guilty spending the money.

And I love the "re-purposed" backboard. Very creative. Glad your highschool experience was a good one!

That's great that you were able to find white roses. Neat way to encorporate that message for your own Young Women.

Jenny said...

I am loving the color of your sweater and it's actually the same exact color as my toes right now.

cheetah said...

I didn't read this before I came to Calgary. The car makes lots more sense now!
I love what you did with the YW. What a great way to teach.

michelle said...

What a wonderful thing to get roses for your YW and to teach them about personal revelation.