Thursday, 5 March 2009

Been awhile since Jaclyn showed up on the blog

So here she is - all dressed up for the Valentine's dance awhile back. (My dress. My shoes.)
The thing is, Jaclyn censors my blog which is really limiting.
I wrote a post about something that happened with her earlier, and she didn't want me to share, so away it went. The upside of writing and then immediately deleting a post is that blogging always moves me to action: I blog about something I don't like, hit publish (which I did just long enough for Jaclyn to read it), and suddenly I feel equipped and motivated to take action.
I will know by tomorrow noon if the subject of the recently (un-read by others and now) deleted post has been resolved, but at the very least I will move forward with my efforts.


Jill said...

I don't like the thought of an entire post being deleted, but it's good you respect her privacy.

She looks great in your clothes! Is it surreal to have a daughter old enough to share clothes with?

Kelly said...

I love her hair like that -- so pretty!

Brynlee has started borrowing my shoes, but so far only my tennis shoes. :)

melanie said...

She is looking so grown up! And pretty! I loved wearing my mom's shoes while they fit. I quickly out grew her so it was fun while it lasted.

April said...

She is beautiful.

Nice to know you've got such good taste. I doubt my girls will ever be raiding my closet.

A Happy Heart Blog said...

I love that dress - was this a department store find? I love that you respect her privacy, it shows respect for each other and for her feelings. I hope you kept it as a journal entry though! Hope she had fun!

Marie said...

Oh, Jaclyn. You are such a beauty.

michelle said...

How strange that she can share your closet! Do you ever really see that coming?

I hope you kept the deleted post as a draft for memory's sake.

stacy{s} said...

darling dress.
where did you find it?

Marissa said...

That's a really good picture! You look great Jaclyn!