Thursday, 11 December 2008

This Week

Like I don't have enough Christmas projects of my own, Carmen decided she wanted to do something homemade for her friend Marguerite. She sat down to the computer and googled *things to make*. The first page of results had a sock monkey tutorial, which satisfied her completely.
(Google never works that well for me.)

Carmen was instantly delighted when the first step in the tutorial produced a body and legs.

The sock monkey has been named and played with. Marguerite is getting a used toy for Christmas, if she gets a gift at all. The whole friendship is in question at this point.

In sadder news, Carmen's first riding horse may be put down today. My Grandpa referred to himself as a thin horse going into winter towards the end of his life, and indeed that's what Salty is. Carmen moved on to more spirited horses back in March, but Salty has a special place in her heart of hearts, so this has been a tough 10 days since we found out Salty's fate. In an effort to make Carmen feel better, her riding instructor offered to let Carmen ride Salty one last time on Monday, which I thought might just strengthen the bond and thus the grief, but I was wrong: Carmen got a little closure to have one last ride on Salty. Bringing Salty into the arena actually had the opposite effect on the riding instructor and that is why the vet appointment today is a maybe. We won't know for sure if Gail went through with it till our next lesson on Monday.

Photography continues to mystify me. I took a couple of pictures from the same angle using the same settings last night at Steven's band concert, yet somehow this one, my favorite, turned out looking cross-processed. So interesting.


Jill said...

The sock monkey turned out so cute, maybe she needs to make another one for herself.

That's so sad about Salty. I had a visiting teacher one time who had a horse she loved so much but had to be put down and I remember crying with her during Relief Society about it.

I feel your pain on the cross processing look.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

That picture and narration about Chloe and Salty is so wonderful. What a great documentation.

I love the creative genuises that your kids are Barb. They are truly discovering their talents and their confidence in pulling anything off.

Tiffany said...

That sock monkey is amazing! What a cute creation!

Sorry about Salty--that's a hard situation. (I can't imagine living with snow like that!)

Marie said...

Where is the link on how to make the sock monkey!?!

Kelly said...

The sock monkey turned out so cute! Did you know Brynlee has a fear of sock monkeys? They totally creep her out, and have since she was really little.

I'm in love with that picture of Carmen & Salty. It almost makes me wish for mounds of snow. It's just beautiful. A few years ago Bryn's favorite horse moved to a retirement home, not even being put down, and Bryn was devastated. I can't imagine the alternative!

Elizabeth said...

She looks thoroughly attached to that monkey!

Christy said...

I'm thinking that the picture of Carmen with the horse should be next year's Christmas card. It's so pretty

Jenny said...

Cute sock monkey!

I have had some camera issues last night at my daughters chorus concert.

melanie said...

The sock monkey does look like it has a home already. You'll have to note if it does indeed get sent to Maurgerite.

I love the photo of Carmen and Salty. What a parting shot to remember.

I don't seem to be able to get any decent shots at any school function. No matter the camera or the setting.

Katie A. said...

Oh, I can't bare to hear about animals being put down. I hate to think about them being in pain or suffering, sad. That is a gorgeous photo, though.

That sock monkey is very cute! I love that it is colorful, not just the tan or gray that they usually are. Very impressive!

Amanda L. said...

Darling sock monkey...I will be interested in hearing if it gets a new home for Christmas!

Poor Carmen. That narrative brought tears to my eyes...I know how girls get attached to their horses. That is a stunning picture and you should frame it for her for Christmas.

Keep up the picture always find interesting angles no matter what the lighting.

April said...

Now I just want to make a sock monkey myself. COuld it be any cuter?

And I have been thinking of that picture of Carmen and Salty for days. It is gorgeous and haunting and just stunning. Just this morning at the bus stop I was dreaming of it again.

carlo said...

such happiness and sadness at the same time in this post

such as life in december.

i love the sock monkey. too cute!

and the pic of salty and carmen is a sorry to hear it