Sunday, 9 November 2008

Everything I needed to know Chloe learned in 2nd grade

I've had the worst time hanging onto my poppy this year. I keep losing it - especially when I get out of the car because my seat belt drags it off.
This morning I was pinning Chloe's poppy on her dress and she said, "That's not how my teacher does it." She then proceeded to explain the brilliant 2nd grade teacher method:
In (through the fabric), out (making a new second hole in the poppy), in (3rd hole in the poppy - just through the poppy this time, not into the fabric). The black center hides the pin weaving through the red poppy.

Now if I want to take my poppy off I have to remove the pin completely, pulling from the head of the pin. Sweet.
In other news:
It's this time of year again . . .


Anonymous said...

I love traditions. What a wonderful one.

lelly said...

what a welcoming dinner table!

love the poppy tutorial.

michelle said...

Oh, I forgot about the Winter candlelight dinners! I have got to try that.

Kelly said...

Both your girls asked Avery if it was dark or light at our house last night when they called. (Thanks for the call, by the way, she was delighted!) It was dark, and now I think maybe we need some candlelight to go with it.

Jill said...

I have no pinning skills whatsoever.

I need to make a candlelight dinner soon.

Marie said...

I love the poppy trick. I have lost mine over and over and over this year. Maybe I can hold onto one for two more days now. Thanks, Chloe!

The candle-lit dinner is sitll a beautiful idea. You wise lady.

Laurie said...

I love those poppies! We don't have those here, but I think we should. Great pinning tutorial!

I also love dining by candlelight.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Wait! Wait! Teach me. What are the poppies for? Have I missed a post? And what about the candlelight dinners? Did I miss that, too? Please, Barb, teach me.

By the way, the poppies remind me of the cute button covers. I'll never forget that photo of Chloe.

Michelle @ A Happy Heart said...

Yes, I just lost mine today - unfortunately a day before the remembrance day. This has become a very special day for our family, living here in MOntreal, we are fortunate to be able to remember with everyone else. Even the girls are wearing them.

carlo said...

the winter dinners WILL happen at our house this year. thansk for the reminder.

the poppies are so sweet. what are they for?

Price Cream Parlor said...

Loving the poppy! Wishing I had one for church on Sunday! I will get busy! Thanks for the pinning tip!
I am going to try the candlelight dinners! Thanks for the reminder - can it be winter again already?

Katie A. said...

Ah, the art of always brings me back to my senior prom trying to pin a corsage onto my date. Cute poppy, though!

I'm going to try a candle light dinner the next time my husband and I actually have coinciding dinner times.