Sunday, 21 September 2008

That's a lot of KD

Yesterday, the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank set a Guinness World Record for the most food collected for a food bank in a single day.

Our church has been working locally with the food bank for the past 4 years on a special collection drive day, and each year we've collected more and more. This year the food bank made it a goal to set a new world record and had people in place to verify the quantity of food collected: about 500,000 pounds.

Earlier in the week each of our 4 kids delivered plastic bags and flyers with a request to leave food on doorsteps Saturday morning to be collected by volunteers.

Saturday morning Carmen, Steven, and Chloe jumped in the back of the truck (we took pity on Jaclyn who has had more early mornings than the other kids and we let her sleep in).

We drove our route and stopped when we spotted a plastic bag on the doorstep.

Then we delivered our load to the church, where missionaries packed the food for delivery to the food bank.
Because our church is organized geographically we could canvas every street, and every neighbourhood in the city was able to participate in the city-wide food drive. On an individual participant level there couldn't be an easier service project, but it was satisfying to be part of something big like collecting $1M of food in one day.
Why did we have to run our route so early?
Why else?


Marie said...

I love the food drive. I am totally impressed about the world record. $1M of food? 500,000lbs? Amazing.

Was any dijon ketchup collected with the KD?

Jill said...

That is an amazing amount of food to collect in one day, and such a cool thing to be a part of.

Mandy said...

That's really impressive!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I just read where food banks are suffering....kudos to your area for filling the need. That is an incredible donation. Hooray for Calgary. What a great family service activity to be a part of.

Katie A. said...

That is awsome. And a great idea to leave bags for easy collection. Wow!

Are those the red gloves I see on the field? I have no clue what football positions are or what the rules are...just grab the ball and run, right?? I'm sure it's that simple. I'm glad to hear that Steven is having fun!

Elizabeth said...

Way to go! I love the food bank. Collecting food that will go straight to the people who really need it.

Jenny S said...

How great a way to start a day. Service!

Tiffany said...

That's a neat idea--shooting for a record makes everyone focus a bit more. Such a great activity!

michelle said...

What a great thing to be a part of!