Friday, 5 September 2008

Five for Friday

1. It's been an expensive couple of weeks. School supplies, school fees, start-up costs for fall activities. Ken likes me to alert him when I write a *big* cheque, so I've been doing a lot of financial reporting. The other night I started to tell Ken about yet another large cheque I'd written and he said, "It doesn't even matter anymore." I don't want to know what that means.

2. School is going smoothly, except for Jaclyn's transportation. We bought her a city transit pass, she researched the routes online, and the first day went well. The second and third day the bus drove right past Jaclyn, and several other students, waiting at the stop in the morning. I contacted city transit and they say that the bus driver must have thought the kids were waiting for a charter school bus which also stops there. But he didn't stop to check? So now Jaclyn is going to try flagging her bus down like a taxi.

3. Way back on September 1st (so 4 days ago, but it seems longer than that) the boys in the family went to the Stampeder's Labor Day Classic, and the girls and I went to Heritage Park for Lord Strathcona's Musical Ride. Carmen has done a bit of dressage in her riding lessons and she was very keen on seeing the musical ride. In fact, Carmen's planned Halloween costume is to dress as a member of the RCMP Musical Ride. (Amanda: check out that RCMP link, they are coming your way.)
4. Ken's sister has cancer. Christy had cancer nearly 17 years ago in her right eye, which was removed, and as far as cancer goes, a straight forward fix. This time around the detection of cancer has come very early. So early that all the bad news is wrapped up in the good news of early detection, the key to treating cancer in general. So early that it traces back to her doctor making what can only be described as an inspired decision to call for an un-indicated test at her last physical. The big *yeah, but* is of course that we wish she didn't have cancer at all.
5. Yesterday and today I babysat Christy's dog while she went in for surgery. I stayed home all day, not for the dog's sake, rather to be close to the phone I guess, and it is nice to spend a whole day home. I've been wanting to try canning little cakes for a long time now and finally got to it yesterday. I threw canning lids on these babies while they were still hot, and they sealed up no problem. I have no idea if they'll keep, and around our house we'll never find out, but it is a cute way to give a cupcake. Twice the cake of a cupcake, too.


Amanda L. said...


Thanks for the heads up! I will check out the link. We are hoping to pick up private lessons sometime this fall. For now, she just copies down everything she can about horses out of her books to make her own horse encyclopedia.

So sorry about Ken's sister. Great that it was found early though.

I hope Jaclyn does better next week with transportation!

Tell me more about canning the cakes. Those would never stick at my house...but such a cute giveaway.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Sorry to hear about Ken's sister. I hope the good news soon squishes out any bad news at all.

It is fun to read every day happenings in your world, Barb. Ken's comment of "It doesn't even matter any more" says so much!

So were Jaclyn and the other kids late? What did they do?

I have a friend that canned dozens and dozens of those cakes, but I never heard more than that. Let us know how you like yours, please!

jaclyn said...

My friend and i ran down to another bus route and just barely made that bus. We were slightly late but since it was the first day of each class the teachers didn't care because everyone else was late, too.

Barb said...

I don't know that there is anything else to tell about the cakes. As soon as they were out of the oven I popped the softened snap lids and rings on and then they sealed as they cooled down - just like jame. I am trying to save 2 and see what they're like after a week.

Jenny said...

Doug was just complaining the other day how much money we have forked out for school supplies, the pta, you name it. Luckily it's only once a year.

Sorry to hear about Ken's sister I hope her surgery went okay.

And what a fun idea for cupcakes. I never would have thought of that one.

Denise said...

Canned cakes? That is possibly the cutest, and cleverest, idea I've ever seen.

Tiffany said...

The spending is an endless drain--I agree. But what can you do? Luckily, it seems to be slowing down around here.

So sorry about Christy's cancer--although it is nice to have a bright side during a hard time.

The cakes--amazing! I love those cute jars. Hum...

Elizabeth said...

I could eat cake out of a jar. How cool.

Laurie said...

Hope all is well with Christy.

How ambitious you are to make those cakes!

Yes, the beginning of school is reminding me of Christmas. One more thing and one more thing....

Katie A. said...

Doing a little catch-up reading, as always! I don't know if I could handle a make-up counter make-over or touch up. Glad your came out better than the one Kelly blogged about several months ago!

I've always envied the stamina needed for football practice. Great exercises...but no thanks. Congrats on the first WIN!

Sorry to hear about Ken's sister. Hope everything is going well.

Cute idea of canning cakes. I would have never imagined!

Marie said...

"It just doesn't matter anymore" will never be said by my husband. I would bet you money on that.

So sorry to hear about Christy. I tried linking on to her blog, but it is invited readers only. Christy - if you read this, will you please invite me over?

Where did you hear of canning a cake?

PS: I am glad you posted. If I checked your blog and saw Fortius one more time I was going to call to complain.

michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear about Ken's sister. Sure hope the good news overwhelms the bad.

Canning cakes?? Well, who knew? When I first saw the picture, I thought you were canning meat! Be sure and report on the cake follow-up.

Lucy said...

I have to say, the pictures don't make the cake seem...well...cakish. Because I am a cake girl. how do they taste?

Fall is an expensive time of year. I found, in addition to school clothing and costs, I just need new stuff around the house too. I know that sounds dumb, but when it rains, it pours.

I'm sorry to hear about Ken's sister. That stinks.

April said...

Hide one of those cakes under your bed...I want to know what it tastes like in February...please!

So sorry to hear about Ken's sister and so very glad they found it early. I love inspired doctors.

And Ken's comment about the big cheques had me smiling from ear to ear.

Anonymous said...

We are still recovering from our back to school fees. Our "Free" education cost me about $600 this year. Then a cute note came home with my daughter saying that certain fees could not be charged at the start of year. So please watch for futher upcoming fees. For a Biology class.

Sorry about the cancer. My Aunt has breast cancer right now. I am grateful in your family's case it was caught early.

As for those cup cakes. They look yummy, I could go for one right now! How do make them?