Monday, 4 August 2008

Thanks Mark & Lucy

I lost the whole post when I loaded the photo of Emily, Lucy and I. Darn Blogger.

Mark, thanks for thinking of me and remembering and looking for a new YW medallion circa 1989. Most thoughtful!

Lucy, thanks for the fun afternoon and making the trip north to spend some time face to face! Emily, I enjoyed meeting you and I feel like I'm bound to run into you again soon now that I know you!


Jill said...

Wow, that's amazing that he found one of those old medallions.

Laurie said...

I'm sure my medallion is still in existence...somewhere at my parent's house.

So are you wearing it around now?

Lucy said...

It looked good on you!

Barb, it was an absolute delight to see you in your beautiful home, surrounded by your charming children and kind husband. Thanks for the day.

Amy said...

I love that you found it...mine was the same style & lost somewhere in my piles, I'm sure.

You had a blog lunch sans camera?! What fun to meet those two.

michelle said...

What? I didn't know that Lucy was in your neck of the woods!

How great that you got a hold of an old medallion. When I was in YW a few years ago, we cleaned out our closet and found several of the old-style ones (can't remember what we did with them). I love that you appreciate the savers, that allows you to not be one of them!

Marie said...

Wow. Truly thoughtful. Way to go, Mark!

Amanda L. said...

Awesome vintage jewelry. I'm sad to say I never earned one..I was trying once when I was a leader, but then I got moved to Primary and got a bit sidetracked.

When my husband was in a Bishopbric in Utah they all cleaned out a closet one night and found disposable diapers from sometime in the 80's and an emergency OB kit in case someone delivered a child.


Anonymous said...

I still have my medallion. My daughter likes it better than they one they can earn now. I think they are all equally special.

April said...

I LOVE that you're wearing it in your picture with Lucy and Emily. I meant to get an old one for myself out of the YW closet before I got released (as my original was stolen in our house robbery). I need to remember that on Sunday!